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About Us

Who are we? We are Survival Attitude. Your one stop shop for all your survival needs.

Our mission is to provide you, our valued customers, the utmost top quality hand crafted equipment
which has been tested beyond reasonable limits and in the most extreme conditions to ensure durability,
reliability, and your complete satisfaction. We want you to be proud to order the highest quality equipment available in the survival industry. Our customers' complete satisfaction is not just a goal to us, but is manditory. We also provide something that other companies don't; education. We want to show you how to use the equipment we offer in real survival situations. The word survival was founded about the year 1590. The word survival to us simply means a continuation of protecting a life. The word attitude was founded about the year 1660. The word attitude to us simply means to be prepared mentally without a shadow of a doubt that when you find yourself in a survival situation, your attitude, knowledge, education, perserverence, preparation, and your sheer will to live will allow you to survive in any given situation.

The above paragraph is who we truely are. We want you to understand that it is our responsibility to bring you the forefront and most up to date survival equipment we can possibly find. We also want you to understand we are bringing you the book and instructional videos program to develop both your mental attitude towards survival, and to help you develop the skills necessary if and when that time of survival should present itself to you. As we never know if and when a natural disaster or a simple walk in the woods will place you in a situation where your life or death skills in Survival Attitude will get you through the day. Remember, we are always just an e-mail or phone call away. Please do not hesitate in requesting a book, video, or a survival tool to help you make it through that day should it ever present itself.


Feel free to sign up for book of the month and instructional video(s) of the month, there will be a discount should you decide to take advantage and register for both educational programs.


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