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Ka-Bar Knives

Now serving Ka-bar's full line of knives. We promise you wont be disappointed.


Survival Attitude
Welcome to Survival Attitude
Survival AttitudeHello and welcome to Survival Attitude. To view our entire store, please click the products button at the top of this page. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you for your support and your feedback. As you all know, this is not just our website, it is your website too. The thousands of feedback emails we received told us that we are not only one of the lowest priced survival gear websites, but the lowest priced website of its kind. The feedback also revealed that we do not sell second rate merchandise. As we have learned, most websites do. The only negative feedback we have received to date is that we can't get products on the site fast enough. Trust us, we are working on it very hard, so please bare with us.  The oil spill in the gulf has raised a lot eyebrows in the survival community. Some say this oil spill is of biblical proportions, and the proposals of an underwater nuclear detonation  leaves many to wonder the effects of the  massive explosion from the combination of methane gas and the nuclear fallout. When this hits the jet stream it will act as a nor Easter potentially blanketing the northeast with this fallout. In order to serve you, we recommend looking at our Mountain House Food, or our Datrex food bars, and a few Aquamira water filters for your go bag. At this late in the game, we should all be thinking ahead and prepare to move out should something in the gulf go wrong. In the event you cannot get away, feel free to contact us for suggestions on how to prepare for survival at home. We also custom  design  SOLAR GENERATORS for all of your alternative energy needs. Again, we thank you all for your support. See you in the woods.

Product of the Month

The Elite Vest by Snugpak is another ideal piece of insulated protective clothing we have recently added to our selection.

  • Vapor AF Expedition Stove

  • Bergen

  • L5 5-watt LED Headlamp

Superior piece of gear as it will burn any type of fuel. This portable stove speaks for itself.

This 6100 cu.in. mammoth is in great demand we want you to have one too. The yoke system compliments this pack.

This 4 oz. headlamp has an unprecedented, rechargeable, 50 hr. battery life and a maximum distance of 246 feet.

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Top Products

Solaris 52 Large Solar Panel
Have portable 12 volt power anytime, anywhere. Will run laptops with ease.
Tom Brown Tracker
If you find yourself in a survival situation, make no mistake this is the multi-tool of knives.
Rocket Pack
At 4270 cu. in. this is a superior alternative to its bigger brother the Bergen (Superior lower back support).

Hot Products

Mil-Spie 5 - Premier all around hunting & self defense knife. A crititcal must have tool.
Bergen - At 6100 cu.in., we leave it to your imagination to what you can carry. Excellent lower back comfort.
Sasquatch - Average weight of 32 oz. Tested at 5 degrees. The ultimate cold weather protection.

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