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Ka-Bar Knives

Now serving Ka-bar's full line of knives. We promise you wont be disappointed.



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Background: The name Mil-SPIE is an acronym that the DOD came up with several years ago. It stands for (Military-Special Projects Individual Equipment) This was to enable Special Operation Forces within the Military to help develope, test, evaluate and acquire 'out of the ordinary' and 'outside of normal channels' items that they require. TOPS KNIVES is often approached by individual OPERATORS who advise us of their ideas and the criteria that needed to be met for their Unit or Team. The challenge was to develope a small and large Field Knife with a fairly narrow carrying profile, it had to be strong and light in weight. With this criteria in mind we created and named the Mil-SPIE Knives. Two sizes were developed: Mil-SPIE - 5 This model size is a 5.0" blade that is 1/4" thick and O/A Length 10 3/8" made out of 1095 HCA , weight .65 RC58 This model is more adeft at belt or vest carry, while still maintaining a low profile. The scales are black linen micarta with our dot dash dot pattern imbedded in the handle. The handle scales are removable and the skeletonized knife seems to be as popular as the one with handles. The blades are coated with 'black traction coating' and if requested we have the knives available with a 'Code Yellow' handle, which is highly visible and can be used either skeletonized or with handle scales, and has good traction in its own right. The sheath system is a Heavy Duty Kydex, which locks the knife in place in the closed position and has a Steel Spring Clip for attachment in a variety of positions, in addition it has a ballistic nylon loop with additional fastener, should it be required as a secondary lock.

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